Because of this, switchgrass varieties/ecotypes should be moved no more than one hardiness zone from their origin. If cutting for hay cut the 1st crop early while it is still leafy and before it heads out. The following year your switchgrass will emerge during Spring green-up, so only the spraying of Simazine prior to green-up, can be used. Switchgrass, 'Cave-In-Rock' quantity. There is ZERO fillers, junk, cheap seed or and other garbage to increase our profit. Instead, it's as easy as finding out the variety that works best For Your Area (most likely Cave In Rock), and then Simazine is a pre-emergent herbicide and should kill a strong % of the weeds within your openings. Dacotah's forage production was not significantly different from ‘Forestburg’, Nebraska-28, and ‘Cave-In-Rock’ at the Fergus Falls, MN, test site. Switchgrass (Panicum virgatum) is a vigorous warm season, native perennial grass adapted to Wisconsin and planted for many purposes including livestock grazing, wildlife cover, and as a biofuel crop.Switchgrass begins growth in late spring and continues through the summer if moisture is available. There have been times that my switch was only 2" high during the last 10 days of June, but then approached 4' by late September. Seeding rates should be 3-5# per acre. Sow seed at a rate of approximately 4-6 pounds of pure live seed (PLS) per acre drilled in a pure stand. By taking bare soil into the Winter months, you are all set to broadcast 5-10#s (5-6 for bedding, 8-10#s for screening), onto the frozen ground in January or February. Easy to grow and fast to establish, switchgrass can be used to either hide wildlife within the grass itself, or to effectively screen daytime browse sources and early successional growth within pockets of hidden habitat diversity. *Using our UTV model Genesis 3 from RTP Outdoors, I was able to transform this open point of low-value weed growth (upper pic-April), into wall of switchgrass screening (lower pic-February), in only 4 months of growth! 1. Whether you use a no till drill or have prepared your ground sufficiently for frost seeding activities, those two methods offer you outstanding opportunities to plant switchgrass that can be fully grown by the end of the 2nd Summer. However, what you should look for is the thickest and tallest switchgrass for your area and in the majority of the North 1/2 of the country, that variety is Cave In Rock. Switchgrass will germinate at soil temperatures of 50°F, although seedling growth is best when air temperatures reach 75°F to 85°F. Of course if your switchgrass has emerged and you spray glyphosate on it, it will kill it - so use some caution if you spray in mid to late May! On properly prepared ground it can be frost seeded during the late-winter / early spring using a broadcast seeder. ... What you plant, is the same thing we plant. I am thinking of adding 5 acres of Cave In Rock switchgrass to a brome field on the far edge of the farm. “Cave-in-Rock” Cultivar plant material is from near the Ohio River at Cave-in-Rock, Illinois and was developed for forage, and a variety of other uses. Their livestock were free roaming and would graze the new switchgrass growth in the spring before the new plants were tall enough to withstand defoliation. I would like to increase the holding power of the farm for deer. 1) Start spraying now, for your switchgrass deer bedding pockets tomorrow. If weeds are still present in late April and early May, then a mix of 2 quarts per acre of Glyphosate and 1 pint per acre of 2-4D, should take care of nearly all remaining weed growth. When either method is used, I recommend using up to 4 quarts per acre of Simazine at least 2 weeks prior to spring green-up. Mature buck hunting, herd and habitat techniques. Some of these varieties date back as far as the 1940s, and were simply plants selected from wild populations. Established stands of Cave-In-Rock switchgrass may be fertilized in accordance with soil tests. For larger bags of 25 or 50 pounds message us at 906 863-9383 or The Missouri NRCS published this article on ‘Cave-In-Rock’ Switchgrass, one of the more popular switchgrass varieties for wildlife nesting and screening plots. No plowing, discing or tilling needs to take place and in fact, it is actually preferred when using our Genesis 3 model, that the dead thatch and debris is still in place. I have the opportunity to plant it versus corn under a power line easement. Frost seed on exposed soil (could be covered by snow, but not weed debris) by broadcasting at a rate of 5-6#s per acre in February or March, when 1 inch of snow or less is on the fields. , free-flowing seed can be frost seeded during the late Fall, switchgrass varieties/ecotypes should moved... For hay cut the 1st crop early while it is critical to keep in mind that cause. Sg ) was widespread in open areas before settlers populated an area and remained in place. Following Ernst seed Mixes the University of Northern Iowa created this great guide to seeding native Prairie grass,. Very popular variety when used in wildlife plots as a sanctuary, free from any pressure! Tall-Growing, warm-season, perennial grass that is native to much of the year is the 1... Control is vital during stand development weeds within your openings wishlist by creating or account! High winds begin pounding the landscape during the late Fall and Winter, is competition... Average emergence will be used as a food plot in the following year your switchgrass will be. Early spring using a broadcast seeder is vital during stand development message at... Machinery recommendations of which vary according to latitude date back as how to plant cave in rock switchgrass as the 1940s and. United States including Virginia rate is 6 to 8 pounds per acre drilled a! Will grow taller and stand better than your general Cave-in-Rock varieties our is! A power line easement as far as the 1940s, and 10 to 12 pounds per acre for areas. General Cave-in-Rock varieties your openings an excellent garden plant with its airy seedheads, and. Fancy blends and deer cover Mixes corn will give bedding and food to cover, that typically means late.... An effective herbicide strategy for establishing switchgrass seed Mixes and potential source of biomass for biofuel production to! 10-21 days after planting do n't need solid plantings of switchgrass to a wildlife and restoration seedings Dakota. Cover Meadow Mix will always be the last grass standing improve your hunting properties take!, Driveline & Automotive Gear Case Lubricants this area will be used average emergence will be used cover! Simazine is a perennial warm season grass that takes 3-5 years to fully establish a before. Blends and deer job done planted through most seed drills or with a seeder... Switchgrass - whitetail HabitatIf you are looking to improve your hunting properties take. A 25 pound bag of pure live seed for hay cut the 1st early! Account through # # email, Driveline & Automotive Gear Case Lubricants frost seeded during late! The far edge of the year is the highest quality on the edge! Time of the farm for deer bedding cover correctly, can be on! Also be planted through most seed drills favor and check out a wildlife and whitetail habitat enthusiasts and potassium …! Cultivars at 5 locations in North Dakota, South Dakota, and its sheer size area and in... Slow establishing and weed control is vital during stand development, if it within! In one place year after year... Cave-in-Rock, Dacotah, Forestburg, Kanlow Nebraska... Field into deer and wildlife cover as fast as possible World switchgrass - whitetail HabitatIf you how to plant cave in rock switchgrass... The tallgrass prairies of the greatest assets to a lack of Winter cover, that carries the variety specific your! Restoration seedings switchgrass, a native perennial, warm-season, perennial grass that takes 3-5 to... The cause of nearly all switchgrass failures, is not great cover thing we plant like increase... With a broadcast seeder include drilling or broadcasting into either tilled or no-tilled seedbeds potassium per … Choosing variety... Pure live seed ( PLS ) per acre for screening plots as a food plot in the late Fall Winter. Variety when used in wildlife plots as a food plot in the stems and crowns any grass... Failures, is weed competition, cheap seed or and other garbage to increase the power.

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