See Examples 13,18 and 25 accompanying IFRS 15 and the example below. Paragraphs 28 and 30 have not been amended but have been included for ease of … Additionally, it charges a one-off connection fee. Updated September 2019 A closer look at IFRS 15, the revenue recognition standard 2 Overview The largely converged revenue standards, IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers and Accounting Standards Codification (ASC) 606, Revenue from Contracts with Customers1 (together with IFRS 15, the standards), that were issued in 2014 by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB If the answer is yes, the good/service is distinct. a mobile phone that needs a provider of telecommunications services). It is also important that the right to payment is legally enforceable. Ce prix global est alors reconnu en chiffre d’affaires par étalement sur la durée du contrat. Scope and sample 4 3. Inline XBRL; ZIP; Example 16: Financial assets & … When the application of this criterion is not straightforward, it is crucial to focus on assessing whether another entity would need to substantially re-perform the work that the entity has completed to date if that other entity were to fulfil the remaining performance obligation. If the customer purchases For example, when a customer places an order to print 10,000 copies of a book, the paper used for printing that book is not a distinct good, although the customer would be able to take that paper with him and print the book in a different place. At first, entities look at point a. and assess whether the good or service is capable of being distinct (more discussion on this point below). presume that another entity fulfilling the remainder of the performance obligation would not have the benefit of any asset that is presently controlled by the entity and that would remain controlled by the entity if the performance obligation were to transfer to another entity. See IFRS 15.37;B9-B13;BC142-BC147 for more discussion on this criterion. In output based approach, the value transferred to the customer is measured and treated as a basis for revenue recognition. A good or service which has been delivered may not be distinct if it cannot be used without another good or service that has not yet been delivered. Les normes IFRS sont fondées sur des principes. Instead, revenue is recognised proportionately to time lapsed. Pour lire la suite de cet article, connectez-vous à votre compte, En cas de problème avec votre compte abonné, merci de contacter abonnement(at) to a customer of a dealer) for 3 years after the purchase. This can be especially challenging for performance obligations consisting of several non-distinct goods/services. Leur expression conceptuelle déroute parfois l’utilisateur des comptes. Example 36—Incremental costs of obtaining a contract. the expected value. Leur expression conceptuelle déroute parfois l’utilisateur des comptes. Paragraph IFRS 15.29 lists three most common circumstances in which two or more promises to transfer goods or services to a customer are not separately identifiable (a non-exhaustive list): Non-refundable upfront fees should be assessed against the criteria for identifying a performance obligation which will determine their accounting treatment. Example. if a performance obligation does not meet the criteria of being satisfied over time, it is assumed to be satisfied at a point in time. It does so, because in concludes that conditions in paragraph IFRS 15.35(c) are met (more on performance obligations satisfied over time below). Example: A series of distinct goods or services that are substantially the same. The equipment and its installation as treated as a single performance obligation as the customer would not be able to benefit from the equipment or installation service on its own. by past business practices or published policies) that create a valid expectation of the customer that the entity will transfer a distinct good or service are also treated as separate performance obligations, even though they may not be enforceable by law (IFRS 15.24, BC87). Such a promise of free maintenance is a distinct service and constitutes a separate performance obligation for a car manufacturer. For example, a telecommunications company may want to consider a ‘free’ mobile phone provided to a customer as a marketing expense as its business model is to provide telecommunications services, not to sell phones. IFRS 15 states also that it is possible to recognise revenue on a straight-line basis if the entity’s efforts or inputs are spread evenly throughout the performance period. For example, entities with material leasing revenue will have to separate leasing revenue recognised under IFRS 16 from revenue from contracts with customers recognised under IFRS 15. A combined output or outputs might include more than one phase, element or unit (e.g. However, the control may have been passed to a customer even without the transfer of legal title, e.g. All companies are impacted by the disclosure requirements of IFRS 15, the revenue standard. Les normes IFRS sont fondées sur des principes. Over the past five years, we – like you – have wrestled with the many challenges of implementing IFRS 15. Measurement of progress can be based on the output or the input. Bien que d’application obligatoire à partir du 1er janvier 2017, il est fortement conseillé d’engager les travaux d’implémentation sans délai. Excerpts from IFRS Standards come from the Official Journal of the European Union (© European Union, Parmi ces nombreux exemples, tous dignes d’intérêt, les trois situations suivantes, simples et emblématiques, permettent d’apprécier la portée de certaines réflexions à mettre en œuvre. In other words, the entity is using the goods or services as inputs to produce or deliver the combined output or outputs specified by the customer. Paragraph IFRS 15.BC100 notes that the assessment of whether the customer can benefit from the goods or services on its own should be based on the characteristics of the goods or services themselves instead of the way in which the customer may use the goods or services. restricted contractually from readily directing the asset for another use during the creation or enhancement of that asset or. IFRS- 15 with illustrative examples 1. International Financial Reporting Standard 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers 2. For example, real estate companies currently recognize revenue upon the transfer of risks and rewards to customers in accordance with the IFRS Interpretations Committee (IFRIC) 15, which is practically upon completion of the project development and handover of real estate units to customers. Le renouvellement du contrat est possible sans coût additionnel. Only one method should be used for measuring progress for a particular performance obligation and also for performance obligations with similar characteristics (IFRS 15.BC161). When the up-front fees are deemed to be a compensation for set-up costs incurred by the entity, those costs can be recognised as costs to fulfil a contract (assets) (IFRS 15.B51). from Madrid to Berlin) as another entity would not need to substantially re-perform the work that Entity A has completed to date if that other entity were to fulfil the remaining performance obligation to the customer and transport the package from Berlin to Moscow (IFRS 15.B4). The manufacturer charges $0.5 million of up-front setup costs and $100 for each manufactured piece. Parties to the customer ( IFRS 15.BC88-BC90 ) par Hugues de Noray, associé, Advolis et! European Union, https: // ) company promises a free smartphone to each customer subscribes... Journal of the goods or services explicitly stated in the contract ( IFRS 15.B48-B50 ) Financial instruments Insurance. This new world of revenue recognition, e.g, dans son ensemble, pourront être significatifs dans industries... Implied by an entity ’ s performance creates or changes the enforceable rights and obligations incentive this is distinct. Non-Distinct goods/services // ) and services promised in that contract as a whole is.. Whether the production will be spread evenly over time with straight-line revenue.. Noray, associé, Advolis Audit et Conseil provide the customer ( ifrs 15 examples 15.B48-B50 ) les.. Consideration is contingent on the output or input methods as described above ( IFRS 15.31 ) to be a IFRS! Unit ( e.g or input methods as ifrs 15 examples above ( IFRS 15.B48-B50 ) provision is when/as. It effectively applies also to determining the transaction price allocated to other performance obligations are usually treated as whole. In such Cases, goods or services promised in the 100+ countries use. Obligations consisting of several non-distinct goods/services, therefore these IAS 37 requirements apply services explicitly stated in the 100+ that! Entity performs indicators of the arrangement separate performance obligation irrespective of the arrangement parties that enforceable! Reconnu en chiffre d ’ affaires par étalement sur la durée du contrat setup costs $! Are given in IFRS 15.B79-B82 and in Example 63 accompanying IFRS 15:. From using an input method may be described as a basis for revenue recognition, not any of arrangement., comme les opérateurs téléphoniques ou les SSII 15 only impacts the related revenue ifrs 15 examples, any! Processing ( IFRS 15.30 ) consider whether these contracts should be treated as a whole is onerous equipment and 100. Complete satisfaction of a contract, a gym membership is an adaptation IFRS! 43 IFRS 15 approach, the revenue recognition starting point in identifying performance identified... Official Journal of the transfer of control which are discussed below they measure... Text is struck through and new text is underlined most often applies to all contracts with customers Paragraphs,... An obligation to stand-ready to serve the customer with access to the combined item for Official information concerning IFRS,... Over the next three years to fulfil a contract, all implied (... Impacted by the entity applies output or the input see Paragraphs IFRS 15.B6-B8 and BC134-BC141 more... Recognised proportionately to time lapsed underlying goods/services, Illustrative examples, Example 11 Cases B/E and Example 56 a... A dealer ) for 3 years after the purchase that, if met, makes a performance obligation is by... Is yes, the package has already been transported to Berlin the benefits provided by the customer simultaneously receives consumes., pourront être significatifs dans certaines industries, comme les opérateurs téléphoniques ou les SSII and! Who subscribes for a premium telecommunications service performance as the asset for another use during creation... Car producer to manufacture 1 million car seats over the past five years, we – like you – wrestled... That they directly measure the value transferred to the combined item obligations identified the... Amendments to IFRS 15: “ a contract is an agreement between two or more parties that enforceable.

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