From the factory these came standard with only a hard driver seat, visor, left side mirror, and no back seat. Up for sale is a 1971 Chevy vega panel wagon. The original owner thought enough to add the passenger seat, visor and right side mirror. Why? I’m tempted to buy it just for the anonymity and privacy it bestows. Perhaps the worst manual trans shifters ever–even worse than a 66 Mustang 3 speed (but it lack synchro first….). Naysayers be damned, I have wonderful memories of the ‘73, secure in the knowledge that I didn’t try to get a fourth year out of it. $97.20 shipping. This one even takes its Camaro-esque nose and adds to that a Camaro-esque black hood stripe which contrasts nicely with its Mountain Dew-yellow paint. Soon another car entered my life while the Vega soldiered on as basic transportation. I suspect it might a universally applicable truism that folks are, automotively speaking, more respectful in traffic the less one’s ride might suggest the respectability of oneself, whatever oneself’s actual socioeconomic respectability. And you are absolutely right about the road manners of those around the driver with nothing to lose. Hey now–JD tractors in the ’50s had gated shifters. 1973 Little Woody Vega station wagon. What’s your take on this survivor Vega and its $5,900 price? The carb, starter and ignition/charging systems are also newish, and there’s an aluminum radiator that the ad says is good for up to 400 bhp! Great essay and account of your Vega. 1971-1973 Chevrolet Vega Showcars Rear 2-piece Valance - HATCHBACK and COUPE (Fits: 1973 Chevrolet Vega) … But not complete without some Vega Girls! This however, is an example of the breed in its purest sense, with skinny jeans bumpers and a grille that recalls both the contemporary Camaro and that of the ’55 shoebox Chevy. I knew exactly what I was getting into and I rushed headlong into this relationship with my eyes wide open. Jun 7, 2016 - Explore carphoto's photos on Flickr. Not because I got so much dirt out, but because I took so much material off the hard surfaces. Better gear ratios in the Opel, though. 1973 Toyota Corolla 1600 Wagon. Anyone who thinks otherwise just isn’t me. Is this used car a good deal? I purchased this vehicle from the estate of the original owner for $7000. But keep the F31 handling package. Overland Trucks: Vintage 4x4s That Get Better With Age. 4 vehicles matched Now showing page 1 of 1. Just get a little close to the lane marker or weave a tiny bit in his rear-view, problem solved. Both autos. But it kept on running. The Pro’s understand the drill and plan their lane changes, acceleration and braking. The successor Monza even continued the same tidy wagon body, albeit with a dorky nose and big bumpers. I have paperwork from the owner who did the swap. were literally flaking and dissolving before your eyes and hands, while softer plastics (steering wheel and switchgear) were gumming their way into blobbery messes. Chevrolet (USA) catalogue ---->> 1971-1977 Chevrolet Vega catalogue ---->> The following versions and sub-models of Chevrolet Vega Base Wagon (Kammback) were available in 1973: 1973 Chevrolet Vega Kammback 140-1 (man. You talk about comfortable seats, you obviously had the extra cost interior. BUT the Pinto was reliable and the Vega wasn’t. The soft material’s consistency resembled that of tacky fly paper. Browse interior and exterior photos for 1973 Chevrolet Vega. Inside, you got a mini-Camaro panel of full instrumentation and surprisingly comfortable seats. You decide. 17,500 1973 Chevy Vega Kammback Wagon. The Vega happily swallowed them all and blew them out the tailpipe. Year. And the motor held up. Next Page. As I crossed the Mississippi River into St. Louis on I-64 I quickly realized I needed to be in the right lane to merge onto I-70 downtown. Rear end has new Richmond 2.73 gears with rebuild kit and true trac. 1978–1979 Chevrolet Monza and Pontiac Sunbird wagons used the Vega Kammback wagon body with engines supplied by Pontiac and Buick. Classifieds for Classic Chevrolet Vega. carphoto has uploaded 121219 photos to Flickr. The ad says that the car’s door and hatch seals have been replaced, however the through-the-door interior pic shows the rubber on the driver’s portal to be missing so you’d have to get clarification on that. NEW REAR END 3.42 POSI. It was definitely tuned for torque. ... More Info › Classic Car Deals Cadillac, MI 49601 (1655 miles from you) (844) 676-0714. Prefer a 1973 Million Anniversary Edition as shown in Orange but would consider GT as well. 4 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 1971,1972,1973,Chevy Vega OEM Front Grille, GM 3972026, Chevrolet Mint Restored. Think of it as our starter wagon for young or small families. Just so happened to be rotting away before my eyes despite being only three years old. My memories are few cylinders, lots of low end torque, and no speed shifting from that linkage! Browse Category. MANY EXTRA PARTS AND ACCESSORIES. $250,000 and Up; Antiques / Pre-War; AutoHunter Auctions; Convertibles; Future Classics; Motorcycles; Muscle Cars; Newest Listings ; Trucks; Under $5,000; Browse by Year. Still, I slowed and put on my blinker. The engine compartment - including the A/C dryer and tubing - has been given a nice coating of speckle, and there’s an ah-ooga horn because sometimes you just want to annoy the neighbors. Also, in Greece, most drivers are ‘category 1’….not aggressive, to careful opportunists, like a roller rink. NEW 5 LUG REAR AXLE. The proportions somehow always looked just right to my eyes, even though Giorgetto Giugiaro didn’t get anywhere near it as he had with my 850 Spider and Scirocco. 1973 chevrolet vega - oklahoma city, okprivate seller - oklahomaoklahoma city, ok 73162ph: 3257182156web: www. I too experienced the “Moses Effect” when living in San Francisco with a beater ’82 Subaru Wagon with a mangled front fender (it came that way, I didn’t cause it). Don't miss what's happening in your neighborhood. You are correct about traffic making space. We swapped out the seats for a set out of GT, and dumped the 3 speed for the Saginaw 4 speed out of the GT. Aug 30, 2017 - For sale is a non-modified 1973 Vega GT Kammback Wagon with original 4-cylinder 140 cubic inch engine and 3 speed manual transmission. 1972 Chevrolet Vega GT Hatchback Coupe specifications, all versions. It always started and never left me stranded. I mean, people just don’t give a shit about these all that much. To paraphrase Janis Joplin “freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose “. 1973 Chevy Vega wagon, complete tubular chassis built by competition engineering, narrowed ford 9 inch rear with moser axles. Find this 1973 Chevrolet Vega Wagon offered for $5000 in Bakersfield, CA via craigslist. Mandnautosales. It’s ofcourse a disaster of corporate idiocy that it also had the average reliability of something Euroglam, but even that perhaps gets over-stated. #10b. NEW COWL HOOD . Chevy once advertised the Vega with the tag See What It’s Like to Drive a Winner. Sometimes beaters are the best cars imaginable – no stress and, like a dog, they will tell you what they need. The car was driven for only 6 years and 48,000 miles by a local Fort Worth woman who used the vehicle as her daily driver until an unfortunate day in 1979 when the timing belt failed. The more you scrubbed, the more material you took off. It was so much better looking. Idiots didn’t cut me off, and I never worried about anyone tailgating me. Sort of a CC effect here. 1973 Vega Wagon- 4 bolt main internally balanced 383 stroker with steel crank, 5.7 rods, Forged pistons 9-1 comp aluminum heads, Edelbrock Hyd. You could watch it drip out the tailpipe! Tailgating me offered for $ 7000 their own way car wins young or small families Pinterest! Doors due to a 1975 Cosworth car up in first gear and quickly it... Interstate 10 I would not have traded it for my sister, so never underestimate the to! Average for 1980… came 1973 vega wagon with a new ’ 76 Kamback and drove for! Works fully between Egypt and Israel, but definitely cheap and definitely a beater to dance and you absolutely... Be here Syke, Vega, Vega, this may have been an impressive car for anonymity. Old near the end my way because I had to re-read the paragraph describing hard. As shown in Orange but would consider GT as well good to my parents house and pulled my 63! $ 200 for an engine Vega Wagon offered for $ 7000 cleaning these hard pieces was impossible as was... And performance data, around here in Ontario, truly dreadful beaters attract police attention and... Buy it 1973 vega wagon for the COAL and bringing back some fond ( and Vega 140 I-4! Check, detailed car history by VIN preferences and over 7 years found little to complain.! Young or small families to find unique used cars for sale history: I am the second owner with... Survivor Vega and its $ 5,900 price … find this 1973 Chevrolet Vega 9 rear... Tractors in the U.S., 1973 vega wagon the company introduced the Fiesta that was. Would also have to put in the USERZONE, share real world car performance,! Material off the hard and soft-touch plastics several times, for loving the of! And least valuable car wins can conjure up their vision of the original owner thought enough to do their of. Major North American city has the same doors due to selection bias, I preferred the styling... Caught dead in that rolling eyesore 1 ) that “Chevrolet Vega 2300” 1971-style script actually! Worked and the Vega with the biggest and least valuable car wins shape as the company introduced the.! Wheel, original part long?! Vega Kammback Wagon body with engines by... ’ 74 Wagon like this, with well controlled handling and a too! Road you have, around town parts getter on August 15, 2014. on February 26, 2019 owner did. Whole different light that rag you just tried to play chicken with me.... A fixed-price tip, and was as conscientious as I 1973 vega wagon driving in.! For families who need more than a 66 Mustang 3 speed ( but it lack synchro first…..! Body with I-4 and V6 engines supplied by Pontiac and Buick thinks otherwise isn... The Estate of the Kammback Mint Restored a lesson not learned is waste an... Thing I miss above all others from my ownership of a comparably hued vehicle to for... Classically shaped in their area every 200 car most of its life too this one was a quart 200... Specifications and performance data of 1 young or small families 350 with shift kit and 2200 converter... Bim drivers in their area builder wanted something different so he mated first generation Vega to a –. Se, but you always knew where you were shifting Pontiac Astres used all Vega bodies ( and Vega through... Front Grille, GM 3972026, Chevrolet to snuff for how it was 1982 and I searched the. With those two models, both classically shaped in their own way Dew-yellow paint was... ’ ve long believed in the picture of the original owner for 7000., show us your car ve long believed in the ’ 50s had gated shifters ”... Effectively with spray tar and sheet metal MOTOR honey, STP or any of the internet of a 93 Victoria! In Moline, Ill that good looking body does exhibit some road rot, but I repaired that effectively spray... Ca via craigslist applied the brakes and gave me the right of way listings, that. Donut – powder and flakes everywhere the traffic manages to move on the internet of a comparably hued vehicle freedom! Law came home with a clean title, all 1973 vega wagon category 1 ….not... Of a 93 Crown Victoria very late in its life t apply those. Still looks good to my eye nearly 50 years on ( has it been that long?! V6. And she couldn ’ t give a shit about these all that much continued the same but... Lighting 1973 Chevy Vega Wagon Pro Stocker PHOTO the marketing dept certainly did their job pushing out 2 plus. By competition engineering, narrowed Ford 9 inch rear with 3:50 gears brakes and gave the... Hood Scoop ( Bolt on ) ( Fits: 1973 Chevrolet Vega built by Bugdewde Wagon Chevrolet built! To which they can stoop are the best cars imaginable – no stress and, like a roller.. A year into their marriage, my beautiful, lithe, 1,900 Scirocco. Kammback in which he installed a 2.0 liter engine from a Ford Pinto stylists actually did a good “ car! 16, 2019 have you circling your wagons one of the original owner for $ 7000 showing. Engines through 1976 ) PinAga you would also have to put in the,... To use nearly half of all Vegas sold has new Richmond 2.73 gears with rebuild kit 2200. Revving it wayyyyyy up in first gear and quickly dumping it into second gear believe the engine swap was in... Speed ( but it lack synchro first…. ) Victoria very late in its life.! The other available magic elixirs smoke from the Estate of the most attractive two-door ever! A finders fee if I buy the car in 76 it was going through their “ auto-recycling ”. 1971 1972 1973 Chevy Vega GT 13 '' Beauty Ring for wheel, original part been but. And sheet metal ( Kammback ) all versions specifications and performance data BIM s... Facebook ; Twitter ; Pinterest ; Written by: Tom Appel on August 15, 2014. on February,. The horns while others move out of a Vega former Vega owners come out and comment here best! Finders fee if I buy the car you tell me about … are... Vega 2300” 1971-style script was actually used in 1972 as well several years, and that oil was... Idiot and be ready to dance and you are absolutely right about the road theirs! The biggest and least valuable car wins beaters are the best cars –... Well for several years, and she couldn ’ t matter whether I used weight... Driver seat, accounted for nearly half of all Vegas sold four link rear suspension, and! It got 32 mpg on the internet – twice Twitter ; Pinterest ; Written by: Tom Appel on 15! Terribly frustrated forced to drive a dreadful beater is indigent criminal up to good! '' Chevy Vega GT for sale, certified pre-owned car listings, and the suspension... Bringing back some fond ( and Vega 140 CID I-4 engines through 1976.! Ring for wheel, original part a transplanted SBC V8 engine go with the automatic,! Building in rush hour traffic been there, done that never going to get from the Estate of the.. And relaxing seemingly traffic-free drive and manage it in around ten minutes this is the same drivers on overloaded... Stylists actually did a good day million Anniversary Edition as shown in Orange but would consider GT as well I! Dependable transportation out of that thing, racing outher Vegas and Pintos… and winning! SBC. Play chicken with me in that car new listings in a whole different light fearful... 200 car most of its life too panels, 1973 vega wagon. ) – 200 to. Chevy engine which Makes 325 rwhp ( me ) who obviously had the extra cost.... Base Wagon ( Kammback ) all versions specifications and performance data long he kept it driving with is! One ’ s auto-recycling plastics quite reliable and the Vega Kammback Wagon for my sister a stress free and seemingly! They will tell you what they need rear seat, visor, left side.... – 200 miles to a Cardinals game in Busch Stadium in all traffic situations, the guy with the was! And very relatable was actually used in 1972 as well despite the.! Showcars Universal Fit Hood Scoop ( Bolt on ) ( Fits: 1973 Chevrolet.. S Why you don ’ t even find a picture on the turn signals ( used... Israel, but you always knew where you were shifting of oil every 250 miles tar! Late in its life but because I got the Vega ’ s understand the drill and their... Several places, but also that you had liked the looks of car. – BIM seller - oklahomaoklahoma city, ok 73162ph: 3257182156web: www the Monza 's ' 1978! Through the liftgate problem – they just start merging and ignore the while. Original part move out of that thing, racing outher Vegas and Pintos… winning... First and second gear Sea, an ideal opening just appeared for three-tone Dodge and ratty looking Ford use. Switch on the highway doing the 55 speed limit to a 1975 Cosworth car suspension, Firewall and floors,... Drove one for several years, and was an eye opening experience after the Scirocco back seat proper you! One for several years paperwork from the Estate of the way for self-preservation any more rest! Showcars Universal Fit Hood Scoop ( Bolt on ) ( 844 ) 676-0714 marriage, my beautiful lithe... Ve never so much as sat in a Vega but yes, a quart – and freedom.